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Nila's story

My name is Nila Joshi and I came to Scotland in 1976 as a young bride. Coming from a Hindu cultural and religious background, it was very difficult for me to adjust in a new environment (especially the Scottish weather!). However I quickly adjusted and made Scotland my home.

When I came to Scotland, I brought lots of wealth with me such as Language, Religion, Culture, Traditions, belief, colors and Customs.

In 1990, I was employed by the Edinburgh City Libraries to set-up an Ethnic Library section. My fluency in many languages and my friendly approach has helped me in making the library more than just a library were members of the community came to the library a hub for all sorts of information and advice.

Working for Edinburgh City Council for last 25 years, has helped me to develop a range of services for BME and wider communities in Edinburgh and Midlothian.

In 2004 I was nominated for a Hidden Heroine Award and awarded an “Elsie” award at the City Chamber for my unique contribution to the community. I was the first Asian lady to receive this prestigious award.

In 2010 I received a Women Empowered award for my contribution to help and develop the Womens’ group In Edinburgh. Among many other organisations, I have served as a Board of director on the Edinburgh Mela one of the largest multicultural organisation for 12 years which gave me the opportunity to work with all communities and all ages to endeavor in bringing the local community together.

On 9th March MPEG celebrated Midlothian Mela, where people from all over Midlothian took part and enjoyed the day.



Interesting looking how different cultures live and learning to respect different cultures.

Great person!!