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David Ledner in the Human Library

My name is David Ledner and I am a member of MPEG.  I am also a member of People First Scotland, an organisation for People with Learning Difficulties.

On 27 February 2015, I took part in the Human Library at Lasswade Library which was arranged through MPEG.

I spoke to the Lord Provost who asked me what sort of things I did.  I told him about when I went to school and I didn’t have the choice to attend a mainstream school so had to go to Lugton School (a Special School).  I told him I would have liked to go to a mainstream school and gain qualifications.  In those days this was not possible.  When I was at primary school I was sent home a lot because the teachers couldn’t cope with me.

I was also asked questions from the school children who asked me what it was like to have a learning difficulty and what sort of things it stopped me doing.  I told them it was hard to get a job and I told them about the lack of choices when I was at school. 

I spoke to a pupil from the school who had ADHD.  He said that he found it hard to speak to other school children and that other children picked on him and bullied him.  He told me that he finds it hard to write things down and prefers to type things out. 

I told one of the children that I had meningitis as  a child which left me with some problems. He said that he had had meningitis too.

I enjoyed speaking to the school children.  Some of the children had people in their family who had learning difficulties and I felt they understood me. I didn’t feel that the children judged me in any way and they listened to me and understood me.  It was good that I was able to relate to them.

I really enjoyed speaking to people and telling my story. It was good to hear other people’s problems and share the experience. I was glad that people listened to me and were interested in what I had to say. 

David Ledner