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The One Scotland, Many Cultures: a Celebration for Midlothian People Event

Approximately 70 people attended during the early evening event and included council staff, fire and police representatives, local people and representatives from multi-cultural organisations who had travelled out to Dalkeith from Edinburgh...

Fears and Facts about Migration exhibition

The Fears and Facts about Migration exhibition is displayed in Newtongrange library

Film Showing and a Workshop on the occasion of MPEG’s first AGM

Film Showing and a Workshop on the occasion of MPEG’s first AGM held November 22nd in Dalkeith Arts Centre received very positive feedback...

We and

MPEG members Evgeniya, Ronnie, Sandy, Ryan and David took part in a film making workshop organised by Screen Education Edinburgh in association with We are Northern Lights to contribute to Scotland’s first mass participation documentary.

Film making on Equalities Issues

MPEG members have been working together to make a short film on equalities issues. This project, driven by the enthusiasm of Ryan Sturrock, is focusing on three short stories developed by the group in a series of workshops.

We present ourselves

MPEG members are becoming more in demand to present or advise on equalities issues. They have presented to the East Mid Lothian Equalities Forum; the Fire Service Equalities Event; Midlothian Community Engagement Training event and local community councils.

Wellbeing Mela

The partnership between Health in Mind, Midlothian Council and MPEG members is working very well in facilitating a fun family day which celebrates equality and diversity.