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Film Showing and a Workshop on the occasion of MPEG’s first AGM

Film Showing and a Workshop on the occasion of MPEG’s first AGM held November 22nd in Dalkeith Arts Centre received very positive feedback:

Just to say: very good event yesterday, successful in my opinion and not what  I expected.
It was lively, thought provoking and very much needed.
I hope your next step (action) will be to expand the activity of the group as I believe this is the way forward in terms of breaking the stereotypes and wrong beliefs.

Magdalena Clark
Community Safety Development Officer

With regards to feedback for MPEG’s AGM and workshop last week I think the event was a success.  I think the group had a fresh approach to tackling equality and the film proved to be a great tool to encourage discussion.

Deborah Clark
Edinburgh & Lothians Regional Equality Council

I thoroughly enjoyed the film/evening – I would like to see this used as a tool working with groups in schools and perhaps some sort of session plan culd be adapted to go along  with the film, I would certainly be interested in using it.

Sharon Dalgleish

I thought the film was a brilliant way to have debate around these topics. I liked the way you structured the questions for the debate. It was probably the most enjoyable AGM I have ever been to! I think Ronnie did a great job at facilitating.
If your after suggestions I would probably cut down the number of questions so that debate can be more in-depth and the facilitators could relax a bit more and not feel rushed to get through everything. I would also suggest (if it's still possible) to put some music on the beginning and end of the film during the credits. Maybe you have a musician in the group?
Thank you for a very enjoyable evening and I hope we can meet soon. When would be a good time to come to the group again?

Donna Strachan
Development Worker CAPS

Would like to thank everyone who took part in the workshop on Immigration. We had really interesting discussion and would really like to involved in any future events.
Could we buy a copy of dvd. Think our service users would find it interesting ,just a shame the no one could make it on the night. Now that we are on the mailing list we will make every effort to attend upcoming events.

Maureen Stewart